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Tasigna Rushed to Market to Replace Gleevec | 12/29/2017

The FDA did not require the same testing of Tasigna as it would have if it had been manufactured by a different company...READ MORE

Whistleblower Saves American Taxpayers Millions | 12/22/2017

The False Claims Act encourages drug company employees to report illegal activities and can save taxpayers millions in fraudulent Medicaid and Medicare costs...READ MORE

Gleevec-the Novartis AG Wonder Drug | 12/20/2017

Life-extending cancer chemotherapy drug Gleevec went off patent in July 2015 and Tasigna rushed to market...READ MORE

Tasigna Warnings | 12/18/2017

Research institutes, government health agencies and patients around the globe warn of the link between Tasigna and vascular disease...READ MORE

Tasignas Black Box Warning Links The Drug To Atherosclerosis | 12/15/2017

Patients taking Tasigna should be constantly aware of the drug's potential to cause atherosclerosis and to watch for the signs they are developing the disease...READ MORE

Novartis Fails To Warn The U.S. Medical Community About The Side Effects of Tasigna | 12/11/2017

It is well-documented that Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis AG knew that Tasigna caused atherosclerosis and deliberately kept the information from the American medical community...READ MORE

Tasigna Replaces Gleevec as the Novartis AGs Signature Anti-Cancer Chemotherapy Drug | 12/6/2017

Novartis AG marketed Tasigna to specialty pharmacies in the US without advising them of the Canadian health warnings...READ MORE

The Unmistakable Signs of Peripheral Artery Disease | 12/1/2017

Cancer doctors closely monitor their Tasigna chemotherapy patients for the signs that they may have PAD...READ MORE

Whistleblower Causes Public Alert to Tasigna Side Effects | 11/27/2017

Whistleblowers are encouraged to come forward when corporate activities put public health in danger...READ MORE

The Estate of a California Man is Suing Novartis | 11/20/2017

The surviving family members allege in court that Novartis knew of the atherosclerosis risks Tasigna posed and failed to warn them...READ MORE

Ex-Novartis Salesmanager Blows The Whistle On Illegal Drug Marketing | 11/13/2017

Whistleblower lawsuit against Novartis helps to shed light on the lengths drug companies go to sell their product...READ MORE

U.S. Cancer Patients Receive Tasigna Atherosclerosis Warning | 11/6/2017

Tasigna maker warns that the drug can have serious life-threatening side effects...READ MORE

Novartis Marketed Tasigna to Replace Gleevec | 11/3/2017

Economics may be the reason Tasigna was brought to market to replace Gleevec...READ MORE

Leukemia Patients May Suffer From Heart Disease as Well | 10/30/2017

Tasigna anti-cancer chemotherapy has the deadly side effect of causing atherosclerosis, a hardening, and thickening of major arteries leading to the extremities, heart and brain. ...READ MORE

Novartis' Potentially Misleading Drug Marketing Campaign | 10/23/2017

Novartis may have misled American cancer doctors and the general public when it brought Tasigna to the market...READ MORE

Health Canada Issued a Tasigna Health Warning In 2013 | 10/16/2017

Canadian health officials warn of life-threatening side effects of anti-cancer chemotherapy drug Tasigna, telling doctors in Canada to take precautions before, during, and after giving patients the drug...READ MORE

Lawsuits Allege Novartis Was Aware of The Side Effects of Tasigna Yet Failed to Warn The American Public | 10/9/2017

A California lawsuit alleges Novartis AG was aware that Tasigna could be linked to atherosclerosis and related diseases years before the American public was so informed...READ MORE

Tasigna Chemotherapy Atherosclerosis-related Side Effects | 10/2/2017

Cancer patients given Tasigna should be on the lookout for the symptoms of atherosclerosis...READ MORE

The Onder Law Firm Seeks to Hold Novartis Accountable for the Suffering Tasigna Has Caused Families | 9/29/2017

Onder Law's compassionate, zealous and experienced personal injury and wrongful death attorneys helping those who have been injured by corporate negligence and greed...READ MORE

Novartis Fails to Warn About Tasigna Atherosclerosis | 9/22/2017

Novartis neglected its responsibility to warn the American public that Tasigna may cause atherosclerosis...READ MORE

Side Effects of Tasigna Cancer Drug Include Atherosclerosis and Peripheral Artery Disease | 9/15/2017

Physical signs to look for it you suspect you have developed atherosclerosis or peripheral arterial disease...READ MORE

Novartis Put Profits Ahead of Patients | 9/7/2017

Novartis AG Failed to Warn America that Tasigna causes heart disease...READ MORE

Novartis Failed to Warn the American Medical Community of the Side Effects of Tasigna | 9/1/2017

Tasigna has been found to cause atherosclerosis and peripheral artery disease in cancer patients being treated with the deadly anti-cancer chemotherapy drug...READ MORE

Atherosclerosis Linked to Tasigna Anti Cancer Drug | 8/18/2017

Tasigna makers Novartis International AG an Anti Cancer Treatment Drug Failed to Give Side Effects Warning to Doctors and Patients ...READ MORE

You Can Sue Novartis If You Have Developed Atherosclerosis-Related Conditions After Taking Tasigna | 8/11/2017

Innocent people have been the victim of Novartis failing to warn American doctors of the extended risks of using the anti-cancer chemotherapy drug Tasigna...READ MORE

Who Can Be Considered A Tasigna Victim | 8/4/2017

Thousands of Americans may be able to file an individual lawsuit against Novartis, maker of the deadly anti-cancer drug Tasigna...READ MORE

Novartis AG makers of Tasigna Failed to Warn Public of the Dangerous Side Effects | 7/14/2017

Tasigna a drug used to treat advanced cancer patients and the makers Novartis AG under fire in a St Louis court of law...READ MORE

Tasigna Anti Cancer Drug Lawsuit | 7/7/2017

The chemotherapy drug Tasigna is used to treat cancer patients in their advanced stages but Novartis AG failed to warn consumers of proven dangerous side effects...READ MORE

Tasigna Drug Warning for Peripheral Arterial Disease | 6/30/2017

Leukemia studies show that the anti-cancer drug Tasigna indicate adverse side effects reactions in treated patients ...READ MORE

Tasigna Cancer Treatment Drug Lawsuit | 6/26/2017

Anti-cancer drug Tasigna patients experience adverse side effects without warning from the makers of the drug...READ MORE

Novartis International AG Lawsuits | 6/23/2017

The makers of Tasigna known as Novartis International AG falsely promoted the drug's effectiveness to cancer doctors ...READ MORE

Lawsuits Against Novartis International AG Makers of Tasigna | 6/21/2017

Multi-billion-dollar Tasigna anti-cancer lawsuit against swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis International AG...READ MORE

Tasigna Peripheral Artery Disease Warning | 6/19/2017

Healthcare professionals and their patients have been misled by Tasigna anti-cancer drug makers Novartis International AG ...READ MORE

Tasigna Lawsuits Against Drug Makers Novartis | 6/16/2017

The makers Novartis of Tasigna leukemia drug continue to make a huge profit from sales regardless of the link between Tasigna and atherosclerosis caused by the use of the drug...READ MORE

Atherosclerosis of the Aorta Linked to Tasigna Anti-Cancer Drug | 6/12/2017

Tasigna anti-cancer drug is proven to have severe side effects as deadly as the disease it was marketed to treat...READ MORE

Makers of Tasigna Leukemia Drug Lawsuit | 6/9/2017

Novartis AG makers of Tasigna leukemia drug failed to warn US doctors and patients of the potential to develop atherosclerosis...READ MORE

Tasigna a Cancer Drug Treatment | 6/5/2017

Plaque buildup in the arterial walls is one of the symptoms of atherosclerosis treated by Tasigna ...READ MORE

Tasigna Peripheral Arterial Disease | 6/1/2017

Advanced peripheral arterial disease cause from Tasigna side effects include sores and lesions on the feet that do not heal normally...READ MORE

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