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Tasigna May Be One Of The Most Deadly Drugs On The Market Today

According to the National Institute of Health and Novartis may well have known about it years ago

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - Studies reported to the National Institute of Health back in 2012 indicate that Tasigna (nilotinib) causes heart abnormalities to occur including the deadly and irreversible atherosclerosis in an extremely high percentage of patients taking the anti-cancer drug. According to the NIH "new electrocardiographic abnormalities were recorded in 20% of all patients and some of them developed severe or even life-threatening coronary artery disease." In addition, the report states that the independent cancer research organization, Leukemia, produced two papers that found a "prevalence" of peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD), and that Novartis contributed to writing the piece.

"Two papers in Leukemia recently reported the prevalence of PAOD in tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI)-treated patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). Conflict of interest statements declared 'editorial assistance' from Novartis Pharmaceuticals (manufacturer of nilotinib and imatinib) for one of the reports."

Atherosclerosis is the number one most deadly disease affecting the western world and is the cause of coronary artery disease (CAD), cerebral vascular disease (CVD) and peripheral artery occlusive disease (PAOD). Atherosclerosis-related diseases lead to the narrowing and thickening of the major arteries leading to the extremities (fingers and toes), the brain and the heart. In the study mentioned above "These events were severe enough to require percutaneous transluminal angioplasty in 33.3% of the cases, stent implantation in 22.2%, amputation in 22.2% and surgery in 18.5%."

Novartis brought Tasigna to market to replace their other highly-successful and financially lucrative anti-cancer drug Gleevec that was soon to go off patent. Sales growth of Gleevec had grown to close to $2 billion per year and Novartis was not about to let their hard-won business become cannibalized by generic competition. Tasigna was marketed to specialty pharmacists to replace Gleevec using illegal marketing tactics that cost Novartis a one billion dollar department of justice fine. The US Department of Justice stated, "Specialty pharmacists were paid under the table bribes to refill Gleevec prescriptions with Tasigna and to overlook the life-threatening adverse side effects of Tasigna" Novartis settled the claim for $390 million for their fraud and deception in withholding what they knew about the atherosclerosis side effects of Tasigna.

As the public becomes more aware of the hazards of Tasigna, patients are starting to make the connection between the switch to Tasigna and atherosclerosis they are suffering. In the past Tasigna patients that developed heart disease requiring bypass surgery simply dismissed their heart disease to their overall diminishing health. The truth is now out there for all to see the connection between the two and Tasigna patients that have also had to undergo heart bypass surgery are urged to consult a Tasigna lawyer to see if they qualify to file a claim against Novartis for failing to adequately warn of the side effects of Tasigna.

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